Jamal Nelson

Springs 07

Born: June 27

Height/Weight: 6-2 / 165 Lbs

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Position Guard

Jamal - SPRINGS - Nelson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and is known for high-flying stylized dunks and having an overall game that can threaten anyone on the blacktop and the big leagues. Raised by his grandmother in Detroit, MI, Nelson excelled at sports at an early age. His great speed and agility earned him a spot on both his school's football and basketball team. As a receiver he had great success, but he notes that once he got "hit" for the first time and felt the full weight of the tackle, he decided right then and there that basketball was his true sport. Soon after, he started his streetball career at the mere age of sixteen, while he was still attending Cody High School. Although his grandmother raised concerns of the constant traveling during the school year, Nelson didn't mind because he was helping provide for his family.