Ryan Williams

Special FX 718

Born: December 25

Height/Weight: 6-5 / 230 Lbs

Hometown: Queens, N.Y.

Position Forward

Born in Queens, New York, Ryan - SPECIAL FX- Williams is a powerhouse on the court. His unbelievable dunking moves have earned him a reputation as one of the best dunkers on the East Coast, and his skills have made him a sensation on the internet as well. Williams began playing in the famed Rucker Park League at age sixteen and earned nationwide recognition at Monroe Junior College, where he earned his AA in Business Management and helped lead his team to become fifth in the NJCAA, Division 1 national tournament. From there, he was awarded a basketball scholarship to St. John's University and graduated with a BA in Sports Management. Williams was recruited soon after finishing his degree by the AND1 Mixtape Tour and was featured in the popular series, 'ESPN's Street Ball: The AND1 Mix Tape Tour.